505 padlocks was born in 1941, same year as the General Paz Avenue was open to traffic for the first time. This made it the first padlock factory in the country.
Eventually, other brands were added, Eduard being the most important in 1963.
The world evolved and now 505, Eduard and Eco are the outcome of the different levels of sucrity the customers are looking for.


We are aware that the nature has helped us throughout the centuries and now she needs our protection.
Not only the factories but the offices have self energy supply that is created with photovaltic panels. We work so that our packaging and our paper consumption are from sustainable sources.
It that enough? No, but it helps.


We empahize the importase of the reach of fair and clear prices to customers.
We work really hard to cover all of the territory, beginning in huge cities and ending in small towns. We consider an important deal to be present where we are needed the most.